Worlds that can answer our unknown desires (Brasch, "The Islands")


I guess in re-posting ‘Have a Kyle-Spirited Day’ I answered my own question posed in my post “My world, your world…”, about what to do in the face of impending doom?

Kyle is someone I know, not well, but enough, over a short period of time. He is missing, presumed drowned, on a heritage schooner, presumed sunk in a violent storm, that was sailing from Opua to Newcastle. His sister set up the blog about Kyle, noting his beautiful gentle nature, which he had.

He was on a journey around the world (originally from the US), and was open to new experiences. He, at the time I met him, had a well thumbed copy of Whitman’s Leaves of Grass. Kyle was someone in love with the world, and in particular, with nature.  I’ll stop there for I know little more than this.

Taking cue from his joy de vivre, I suppose a response to the death of the old and birth of the new is to be open to it. To savour it, rolling it around in the mouth, sniffing the stench in, and searching out the sweet smell of the new, corrupted as it is by the old. Touching the sky, hot, hard, shiny, feet on the ground.

Which still leaves yawning the question what to do. Immersive experiences are a what, but in our list-driven world of action – do this, see that, meet her/him – experiences count for nought. Your experiences profit the self, but not others, greedily seeking your labour, your dollars, your time, your eyes for their material profit, in the process ushering in a ruined world (

The trick is learning the art of standing upright here (Curnow).  An ongoing dynamic project, constantly balancing things – the experiences and the what-ness of them.


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